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Welcome to Hydro Instruments Technology Pte Ltd website. We are Exclusive Representative of Hydro Instruments, an established brand from USA for water treatment & wastewater treatment system and supplies. Our product ranges from Chlorinator, Ammoniator, Sulfonator, Chlorine Dioxide Generator and Chemical Metering Equipment of various capacities, to Residual Chlorine Analyzers, Gas Alarm Leak Detectors, Ejectors, Flow Meters, De-Chlorination Systems, Calibration Columns and Corporation Stops for Chemical Injection. Now, we have become one stop solution for all things related to Chlorine, Ammonia and Sulfur Dioxide equipments.

Hydro Instruments Chlorinators and Residual Chlorine Analyzers have become globally recognized as the most ruggedly designed, highest quality and longest lasting available. If you have been using another brand of chlorinator, spend a few minutes finding out why Hydro is the fastest growing chlorination equipment manufacturer in the market.

Hydro Instruments is an ISO 9001 Certified Company since 2010 whose equipment carries the CE MARK Europe (Safety) that has been manufacturing highest quality of gas & liquid chlorination equipment since 1978. We are listed by the Chlorine Institute USA. When you buy Hydro Instruments' equipment you are buying a highest quality product and dealing with an honest company which will stand behind it's products and it's warranty.

Hydro Instruments manufactures the world's highest quality gas chlorinators, gas chlorination systems and chemical metering equipment.

We are also focus heavily on maintaining and always improving the quality of our service. In this regard, we offer advantages:
• A warranty that we stand behind.
• Fast Shipping is our standard; Most of our products can be delivered in 3-5 days, all parts and most systems are always kept in stock.
• We are always available to discuss and customize system based on individual needs and provide answers to technical questions.

Our vision is to become a vital partner & total solutions provider for water treatment, wastewater treatment and cooling water system.

Our goals are:
• To provide excellent service of supplying products of highest available quality.
• To always offer competitive pricing and ensure prompt delivery of goods so that customers satisfaction is guaranteed through our continuous support, resources and valuable experience.
• To maintain good relationship with all customers & partners and become a valued partner.
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