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1) HYDRO Instruments is an ISO 9001 Certified Company whose equipment carries the CE MARK Europe that has been manufacturing gas chlorination equipment since 1978. Only the best raw materials are used for our parts, chosen for strength and chemical resistance. Materials include Silver, PVC, Teflon, Kynar, Tantalloy (a tantalum-tungsten alloy), Hastelloy C, and Viton.

2) HYDRO Instruments' warranty is the best on the market. Our mechanical equipment carries a 3-Year warranty with a lifetime warranty on inlet springs, the vacuum regulator main diaphragm, machined PVC bodies and inlet capsule. We will match any written warranty claim by any major competitor. We produce equipment to be the most durable on the market and we stand behind our equipment with this excellent warranty. (Electronic equipment carries a 1-Year warranty).

3) HYDRO Instruments keeps all products and parts in stock for immediate shipment. When you need a part, component or new system you can be sure that Hydro will act quickly. Most orders ship from factory on the same day and all (but orders of large quantities) can ship by the next business day. This is the way we have done business since 1978.

4) Safety is our highest concern & taken into priority. We take great care in assembly and testing to make certain all products are in perfect working order. Our method is using vacuum system to deliver gas/liquid chemicals to the process water, advantage of using this method is to avoid danger to the human being and its surrounding environment in case of line leakage.

5) Tested. HYDRO Instruments subjects each and every equipment to an extensive testing procedure using the appropriate chemical as it will be used in the field before any unit is shipped from the factory. When you connect a Hydro vacuum regulator to the gas cylinder and open the cylinder valve, you can be sure that an experienced Hydro factory technician has already tested the unit with appropriate chemical before it was shipped.

6) Our material selection and construction is designed for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. Inlet capsules are solid Hastelloy-C276 or PVDF, inlet valves & rate valves are solid Silver.

7) HYDRO Instruments' designs permit easy repairs and replacement parts when needed. We are constantly improving and upgrading our design to improve product performance. In addition, we work hard to offer the most competitive spare parts prices.

8) Our vacuum regulators have the fewest parts. Count them. 58 to 64 depending on the model.

9) HYDRO Instruments manufactures its Vacuum Regulator body parts by machining them from solid blocks of PVC stock, rather than injection molding of molten plastic. Our competitors have cut cost and compromised durability by using injection molding. Machining is more expensive, but it eliminates the residual stresses from the molding process that lead to cracking and warping. The machining process also allows our body parts to maintain a much heavier wall thickness than that allowed by injection molding. These Vacuum Regulators will not crack or warp. This prevents leaks and greatly reduces repair costs.

10) The HYDRO Instruments' rate valve stems and seats are precision-machined from the finest materials available for each intended chemical use. This ensures the operator's ability to accurately control the feed rate over a lengthy period of time.

11) The HYDRO Instruments' Ejector bodies are also constructed of machined PVC, not injection molded. This again allows a heavier wall thickness to avoid cracking and warping. Ejectors are available for back pressures up to 300 psi.

12) HYDRO Instruments' offers a variety of Ejector check valve designs. We offer a unique self centering O-Ring seal, flat gasket seal, flat o-ring seal, ball-type and diaphragmless designs.

13) The HYDRO Instruments' main diaphragm is double o-ring sealed on the inner and outer circumference. This method guarantees a positive seal that will not allow any air to leak into the system.

14) The HYDRO Instruments' tantalum alloy springs have a lifetime warranty. We have never had a spring failure.

15) Hydro offers the finest inlet filter available for up to 100 PPD (2 kg/hr) feed rates. This plug type, porous PTFE (Teflon) filter offers maximum protection from venting caused by impurities and particles.

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